Total Savings: $290,539

About CostShredder was created as a way to help people find the lowest net cost way to purchase items. CostShredder seeks to do this by combining methods of saving money and seeking out the best source for each method. was started in mid 2013 and launched in late 2014. CostShredder seeks to continuously improve its service and welcomes any feedback, feel free to contact us by using our contact form .


Q: What does this website actually do?
A: CostShredder downloads and stores data from various websites that can help consumers save money. CostShredder then uses an algorithm to show the user the best result within each method of savings. CostShredder does not sell merchandise, gift cards, or pay cashback on purchases. CostShredder provides information to shoppers looking to save money. See our guide to using CostShredder for more information.

Q: Can all savings methods always be combined?
A: No, not all methods can always be combined. For instance, certain stores do not offer cashback on purchases made when using a gift card. Currently, CostShredder does not account for this, as this information is not retrieved from cashback websites. It is important to verify with the cashback website whether cashback will be earned on purchases made using a gift card or e-code.

Q: What is the difference between a gift card and an e-code?
A: A gift card is an actual physical card that will need to be shipped to you via mail. An e-code (may also be called "printable" or "eGift Card" on merchant websites) can be delivered to you via email and is available for use on your online purchase much quicker. E-codes may also be printable and usable in store. It is important to verify this with the gift card merchant before purchasing.