Features Added to CostShredder

This week we made a few additions to the website


EBates has been added to CostShredder and will now show in your searches for the lowest net cost way to make purchases.


Ebates is a cashback website that features over 1,800 stores. We have added this to our database and algorithms to find even more ways to you to save.


Our selection now includes non-sitewide coupon codes.


Previously, we only showed coupons that could be used for all items. Now we will show all coupon codes and allow our user to select which coupon applies to their purchase using the dropdown menu and radio buttons as shown below. It is important to select the correct coupon as this may change the gift card that will result in the highest savings and the calculations for cashback.

click to enlarge
click to enlarge


If you select a different coupon, that coupon will now become the top result and the other savings will recalculate and possibly present better options based on your new selection.


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