Shred of The Week: Save 26% at Kohls by Using CostShredder before Purchasing

This week’s shred of the week shows you how to save 26% at Kohl’s by using the CostShredder method for purchasing on an “online only” purchase for $180.


kohls costshredder
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The first step in the process is to use a credit card that offers the highest cash back to purchase the selected discounted gift card. Since the $180 purchase has a 15% off coupon available, CostShredder will only retrieve giftcards $153 (180 * (1 – 0.15)) and below.


Purchase the gift card using your cash back credit card and earn 2% cashback on the price of the gift card and the remaining of the cost of the item not covered by the gift card. For this purchase, Card Cash offers the highest savings. Buying this gift card and then redeeming it to make the purchase will save you $11.45. Since I selected “online only” Costshredder will only retrieve eGift cards that will be delivered to me by email. Selecting “in-store or online” shows both gift cards (delivered by mail) and eGift cards (delivered quickly by email).


TopCashBack offers cashback on purchases made from Kohl’s when redeeming a gift card. Sign up with TopCashBack and make your purchase after clicking the orange “Get Cash Back Now” link shown on TopCashBack’s website in order to receive your 4% cashback.


After clicking to the Kohls website through the TopCashBack link to Kohls, you will then add the items to your cart. After you have finished shopping you can enter the coupon code “CAR15OFF” to get 15% off your purchase of $100 or more. Kohl’s also currently has a promotion where they offer free shipping on orders over $75.


kohls coupon

After completing the above steps, your purchase that originally cost $180 will only have a net cost to you of $132.60, resulting in a savings of 26.3% or $47.40.


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