Shred of the Week: Save 33% on your Purchase at JCPenney

This week’s Shred of the Week is JCPenney. They currently have large savings available with discount codes, gift cards, and cashback. Below is what is retrieved on the original search for a $199.98 online purchase from JCPenney.


(click to enlarge)


For purposes of this post I am going to assume that the visitor does not have any of the cashback credit cards listed. To adjust the website to reflect this you need to click the  icon on the lower right side of the tab. This will open the alternative options. The default option for each tab is the result that gives the visitor the highest savings. To reflect no discount credit card being used, click the “none” option, this will update the total savings.


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There are large discounts available on gift cards at GiftCardZen. After the $30 saved from the coupon code, the maximum giftcard that you will want to buy for this purchase will be $170. The Gift Card that results in the highest savings is a $162.33 gift card from GiftCardZen purchased at a cost of $131.47, resulting in a savings of $30.86. This gift card is printable and will be delivered by email.


TopCashBack has 3% cashback available on purchases made at JCPenney. To get this 3% back, you need to sign up with TopCashBack and then make the purchase through their website after clicking on the “get cashback now” link shown below.





After clicking the link, you will be taken to the JCPenney website to make your purchase. After adding your items to the bag and going to checkout, you will have the option to add a promo code. Add the promo code retrieved by CostShredder to save 15% on your purchase.




After following all these steps you will save 33% on your purchase at JCPenney


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