Shred of the Week: Save Money at Express

There are currently big savings available on purchases made at Express. Using CostShredder, there are savings available of 26% percent at Express. In addition to the below savings, Express is currently offering free shipping on purchases over $125.


express savings

 (click to enlarge)


The first step to realize these savings is to use your cashback credit card to purchase the gift card and any remainder of the purchase not covered by the gift card.


Should you see other options besides the default, you can always click the “see more options” arrow, circled in red below. If you do not have any of the credit cards, simply click the radio button next to “none” to update the calculation.


open CC options



The next step is to purchase the express gift card at CardCash. I selected the online only option, which only shows eGift Cards that are delivered by email. The gift card selected is for $150. This gift card is the gift card with the greatest savings that is lower than the price minus the savings provided by the coupon of 15%.


Express does not offer cashback on purchases made when redeeming a gift, so the website has automatically selected the “none” option under cashback and the cashback of 0 is reflected in the calculation. If you would like to see the cashback options, you need to select none under the gift card selection.


Upon receipt of the eGift Card, add the item(s) to your bag and enter the promo code in the space shown below.


express promo 2


The discount will then be applies to the total in the shopping cart.


express promo

($0.01 difference in coupon code savings due to rounding)


At checkout simply enter the eGift Card information to redeem the gift card and make the purchase. Then use your credit card or alternative payment method for the remainder of the purchase.


And that is how to save 26% at Express by using before purchasing.


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