Total Savings: $290,539

Guide to Using CostShredder

- Step One is purchasing a discounted gift card. The amount of savings depends on the difference between the price and value of the gift card. For example, a $100 gift card purchased for $85 will save you $15 dollars on your purchase. The gift card will be used at the checkout to make the purchase. An eGift Card (may also be called printable) is an electronic gift card that will be emailed to you and will be available for use online. A physical gift card is one that will need to be mailed to you. If you are planning to purchase online, you should probably use the eGift Card.

- Step Two is making the purchase through a cashback website. In order to get the cashback with the website you need to complete these steps.

1. Sign up with the cashback website.
2. Locate the store on the cashback website.
3. Click the link provided by the cashback website to the merchant website.
4. Make the purchase directly after clicking the link.

Note: Certain stores do not offer cashback on purchases made when using a gift card. CostShredder does not collect this data nor account for it in our algorithm.

- Step Three is to use a coupon code at checkout to save on your purchase. The coupon code is to be entered in the promotional code or coupon code text box during the checkout process at the online store. The code will then be applied to your purchase.